About Royal
Exchange Kingston
This website explains how the 16-storey corner building and neighbouring elements of the Royal Exchange development have been redesigned in partnership with local residents.

The design has evolved through a series of community workshops. The website explains the consultation process and the design outcomes, alongside the finalised planning application drawings, ahead of an intention to submit to Kingston Council in March 2018. Further meetings with Steering Group members have been held to plan the exhibition and to make a short video describing the consultation process.
Royal Exchange, Kingston

In September 2016 Kingston granted planning permission for the Royal Exchange site. Following further feedback from local people however, St George undertook further consultation on the architecture of the 16-storey corner building in response to the high levels of concern expressed. The offer made by St George was that the external appearance of the building could be completely changed but that the footprint and height had to be maintained. The process of extended consultation has now been run and concluded, and the dramatic changes to the design are reflected in this website and in the ‘minor amendment’ application drawings that are currently being completed.

  • Previous consented scheme
  • Proposed amended scheme